Bybee Stone Company is an Indiana limestone fabricator specializing in custom fabrication of Indiana limestone for both new construction and restoration projects. Indiana limestone's beauty and durability make it an excellent building material, well-suited for custom carving, architectural finishes and sustainable construction applications.

At Bybee Stone Co., limestone is more than a product – it’s a way of life. The natural beauty of limestone is revealed as skilled craftspeople – often longtime employees of the company with multi-generational ties to the craft – shape it into pieces of our built environment that last for generations.


Find out why limestone is the best option for your next project.

Custom Fabrication

Bybee Stone Company can provide any finish to your project.

Green Building

Limestone has the qualities necessary for sustainable construction.


Bybee Stone Company is located in south central Indiana, but our work takes us all over the world.

Choose Limestone for Your Next Project