Indiana Limestone Finishes

Bybee Stone Company is capable of fabricating limestone with a wide variety of finishes, such as Chat Sawn, Shot Sawn, Sandblasted, Crandle, Plowed, and Polished, among many others. Since Bybee Stone fabricates its own custom tools, almost any tooled finish is possible. Among these finishes, Chat Sawn and Shot Sawn are somewhat unique, in that the finish is created during the actual slabbing process, utilizing special abrasive materials to cut through the quarry block.

The following examples are provided for reference only. As Indiana limestone is a natural material, its beauty lies in its inherent rich variety of tones and textures, and exact matching of material samples to actual stone delivered can never be guaranteed.

Please contact Bybee Stone Company to request full size digital sample images or physical samples for your job.

Chat Sawn
Shot Sawn
4 Cut Tooled
8 Cut Tooled
9 Point Finish
1" Plowed