About us

Bybee Stone Company is an Indiana limestone fabricator specializing in intricate, custom stonework for both new construction and restoration projects since 1979. Located in south-central Indiana, with its rich deposits of local stone and its valuable cultural tradition of stone craftsmanship, our stonecutters, carvers and draftsmen are talented, capable and experienced.

We pride ourselves in creating a benchmark for quality; our work runs the gamut from historical buildings to residential retreats. We are particularly proud of our craftsmen and cutters, who painstakingly create (or re-create) works of art in every stone they set or statue they carve. Browse through our projects to see some of our work.

We do give some of the credit to Indiana limestone for its beauty and elegance. However, it’s much more than a pretty façade: Its durability and insulating qualities make it a preferred natural building material, which is particularly important in sustainable construction applications. We’ve worked with many institutions to create buildings that achieve LEED certifications.


Our 50,000 sq. ft. fabrication plants are heated, allowing for year-round operations and multiple shifts to meet the most demanding schedules. We also have the indoor heated storage capacity for 10,000 cubic feet of raw material, which contributes to an uninterrupted winter operation. Our outdoor storage capacity for finished material is 50,000 cubic feet, and we have 45 acres of outdoor storage for raw material.

Our multiple lathes are capable of turning small balusters or large columns, with lengths up to 17 feet long and diameters up to 8 feet.

Radial coping, sills, entrance arches, and rosary windows are routinely fabricated at Bybee Stone Co. We have multiple machines capable of being dedicated to radial work, and nearly two dozen of our skilled craftsman are experienced in the fabrication, machining, and hand finishing of all types of radial work.

We also have the unique ability to manufacture all required tooling in house through Bybee Stone Tools, which allows us to quickly tool up for any radius project.