Buff Indiana Limestone

Buff Indiana limestone varies from a light creamy shade to a brownish buff. Grain size can be fine to moderately large-grained stone with an average amount of the following characteristics: calcite streaks or spots, fossils or shelly formations, pit holes, reedy formations, open texture streaks, honeycomb formations, iron spots, travertine-like formations, and grain formation changes.

The following examples are provided for reference only. As Indiana limestone is a natural material, its beauty lies in its inherent rich variety of tones and textures, and exact matching of material samples to actual stone delivered can never be guaranteed.

Please contact Bybee Stone Company to request full size digital sample images or physical samples for your job.

Standard Buff Smooth
Standard Buff Smooth
Rustic Buff Smooth Light
Rustic Buff Smooth Medium
Rustic Buff Smooth Heavy