Duke Divinity School

The Duke Divinity School project was a 2005 addition to a 1926 structure, and every effort was made to replicate the hand-crafted, neo-Gothic, original stone construction of Trinity College, founded on the school’s site in 1859. The Chapel and Divinity School today form the largest Methodist Church in the world and utilize an ecumenical outlook, with faculty and students from diverse denominations.

The Divinity School was founded in 1926 following a large endowment by James B. Duke, and it became Duke’s first graduate school. Offering degrees ranging from Doctor of Theology to Master of Divinity, its program includes a wide range of theological studies.

Architect: Hartman-Cox Architects
Contractor: Skanska
Mason: Rugo Stone LLC
Cubic Feet: 12,778
Stone: Rustic Buff
Completed: 2005