Nashville, Tenn.

Named for Maestro Kenneth Schermerhorn, construction began in December 2003 on the Nashville Symphony’s magnificent new home and was open to the public less than three years later. Nashville – “Music City” – showcases many forms of its musical heritage through the Schermerhorn, including blues, pop, jazz and cabaret, along with classical performances and, with its Mike Curb Family Music Education Hall, promotes music appreciation through the symphony’s ongoing initiative, “Music City Education.”

The schedule for this project was demanding. According to Bybee Stone Mill Superintendent Jeff Leisz, during the nine-month prime installation period – which began in the spring of 2005 and continued through the fall of 2005 – Bybee supplied the jobsite with an average of nine semi-trailer truck deliveries per month.

Architect of Record: Earl Swensson Associates, Inc.
Design Architect: David M. Schwarz, Architectural Services, Inc.
Consulting Architect: Hastings Architecture Associates, LLC
Construction Manager: American Constructors, Inc.
Mason: Intrepid Stone Contractors
Cubic Feet: 33,823
Stone: Buff
Completed: 2006