Our Lady of the Holy Trinity

Santa Paula, Ca

For Thomas Aquinas College, architect Duncan Stroik of South Bend, Ind., created a blend of all the great Western religious architectural styles in one building, melding it all with the Spanish Mission tradition of California, as was the College’s wish. The project echoes the theological educational commitment of the College, which offers a four-year, coeducational curriculum focused on great books.

Engaged fluted and spiral-fluted Ionic columns, 22 feet tall, were carved from Indiana limestone at Bybee Stone Company, as well as Corinthian pilasters 18 feet tall, inscribed friezes, the college’s coat of arms, angels and other ornamental details.

Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel received the Palladio Award in 2011 for excellence in traditional commercial, institutional and public architecture in new design and construction under 30,000 square feet.


Architect: Duncan G. Stroik
Architect of Record: Rasmussen & Associates
Mason: Cleveland Marble
Cubic Feet: 6,781
Stone: Buff
Completed: 2008