Versailles, Ky

The Kentucky residence at Pin Oak Farm is on the grounds of a large thoroughbred horse breeding and farming operation near Versailles, Ky. Grand Corinthian columns and carved pediment and cornice work – and graceful, balustered double-limestone staircases front and back – produce an imposing effect for a residence that is, in fact, small and cozy.

An experienced English architect on his first commission in the United States, Quinlan Terry created a Palladian villa modeled after Marble Hill – built from 1724-1729 in Twickenham, England – for his Kentucky client. The Palladian style originated with an Italian architect, Andrea Palladio (1508-1580), who, in turn, was heavily influenced by classical Roman architecture.

The usually more grandiose interior features of a Palladian villa were trimmed by the homeowner; she wanted a small Kentucky home and Terry complied, reinventing the monumental style and personality of a Palladian villa. He noted in an article published in the October 1989 issue of Architectural Digest that the carving done by Bybee Stone was “as good as anything in England.”

Architect: Erith & Terry, Coulchester, England, Coblin & Porter Associates
Contractor: White & Congleton, Co.
Cubic Feet: 7,129
Completed: 1986