Daniel L. Ritchie, University of Denver chancellor from 1989 to 2005, equated stone buildings with a philosophy of quality and honesty. Those high ideals resonate throughout the campus, with each individual project bringing its own unique nuances to the design table.

The Ricketson Law Building specified a copper roof system because of its durability despite its low albedo, but 95 percent of the copper used had already been recycled once, gaining a point from LEED. The longevity of the copper, plus the double-walled brick construction and its limestone trim around windows and doors, contributes thermal qualities and fits well into the University's plan. More points were earned through water reduction and reuse, alternative transportation options, energy efficiency and sustainable construction practices. It is LEED Certified Gold.

Ricketson Law Building

Ritchie Center

Chambers Center

Nelson Hall

Nagel Hall