Limestone Resources

Indiana limestone comes in an elegant range of shades - from silver blue to a rich, creamy tan - and textures - from consistently smooth to a rustic blend of assorted grain and fossil sizes.

Bybee Stone Company follows the classification guidelines of the Indiana Limestone Institute. However, classifications are primarily for reference. Indiana limestone is a natural material that can range either subtly or substantially from one shade to another within any given sample. For further information on the physical and structural characteristics of Indiana limestone, please visit the Indiana Geological Survey's page on Indiana limestone, or contact the ILI.

When it comes to finishes, Bybee Stone Company is capable of providing any finish your project might require. If your design needs a particular textural finish, talk to us, and we'll make the tools to get the finish right.

Our finishes include, but are not limited to: plucked, tooled, bushhammer, crandle, 9-point, rock face, split face, plow, chat sawed, and shot sawed.


Indiana Limestone Colors and Grades Diagram