Bybee Stone Tools

Closeup of tool shank with Bybee name

Bybee Stone Tools began in 1989 when Wilbur Bybee bought an existing business, Moore’s Welding. Dan Roberts, with ten years’ worth of machine shop experience, had been training with Vestal Barger, Bybee Stone Company’s blacksmith, and became manager of the new tool shop.

Roberts has produced tools for nearly every major stone mill in the country. Today, every piece of equipment purchased in 1989, when Bybee Stone Tools opened, has been replaced to better serve production.

Roberts receives a customer’s specifications—drawings or patterns—and hand fabricates each tool using steel shanks and carbide for the cutting edges. He insists that there’s nothing standard when it comes to profiles in the stone business—that it’s always something different. “People who really know the business,” Roberts said, “and want a good tool, a good finished product, they come to us.”

For price quotes, ordering or more information, contact Dan Roberts:
Phone: (812) 876-3058
Fax: (812) 935-6180

Send patterns to:
6525 W. Maple Grove Rd.
Ellettsville, IN 47429