About Bybee Stone Company

Produced by Blueline Pictures.
Published online: 1/20/2015.

Bybee Stone Company is an Indiana limestone fabricator specializing in intricate, custom stonework for both new construction and restoration projects since 1979.

Located in south central Indiana, with its rich deposits of local stone and its valuable cultural tradition of stone craftsmanship, our stonecutters, carvers, and draftsmen are talented, capable, and experienced. We pride ourselves in creating a benchmark for quality; please see our Projects pages showcasing some of our work, and scan the Awards page, included in this section, for our outstanding honors.

Indiana limestone’s beauty, durability, and insulating qualities make it a preferred natural building material, particularly important in sustainable construction applications. Please see our Green Building pages for information relating to LEED credits, and click Contact Us to begin your next project with Bybee.

And do, please, enjoy the video here, compliments of Dr. Sharon Hoog—it’s a virtual tour of the Bybee Mill, with her brief, studied commentary on the limestone fabrication process.